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Τrikeri-Theriakontas-Trachili (circular)


Trachili -the cottage in the olive grove

Distance: 14,6 km

Time: 6 hours with stops; walking time 4.45'

Altitude: from 307 m. (Trikeri) to 0 m. (Theriakontas) to 230 m. (kiosk)

Total elevation gain: 285 m. Total elevation loss: 336 m.

Signing: round yellow signs, red paint

Drinking water on walk: no

Start: parking lot next to Trikeri square  

End: kiosk on the main asphalt, 2,5 km before Trikeri

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        The beach of Theriakontas lies next to Alogoporos on the east.  The walking route is initially common for both, and then splits. In this almost circular walk, after reaching Theriakontas we continue on a coastal path to get to cape Trachili. Τhen we return back via an earth road. 

        As we approach Trikeri, there is a kiosk on the side of the asphalt road, 2,5 km before reaching the village. This marks the end of the recorded walk. We start walking from the parking lot, which lies close to the village square. We initially walk on the asphalt that goes to Agia Kyriaki, but shortly, as the asphalt takes a left turn, we leave it to the right and take an uphill stone paved  track. Further on, there are sections where the old kalderimi is preserved. 
On the path to Theriakontas

      We cross an earth road and continue on the path amid  kernes oak vegetation (quercus coccifera). Τhe path approaches the asphalt road,  eventually crosses it at an angle and continues on the other side. We walk next to a fence. Further on, we join an earth road that opens to the asphalt, on which we walk fo r 100 meters and then turn right onto another earth road, close to a pen. Soon the earth road becomes earth path heading north. 

On the path to Theriakontas

      Bushy vegetation is annoyingly overgrown at places, in need of cleaning, but the path remains open anyway.  Gradually a ravine is formed on our left and we walk parallel to it. On our right is an old cottage. As we approach to the sea, we join an earth road, then walk next to a pen fence on our right. Finally we come to the beach of Theriakontas close to its left (west) end.


     An earth road continues towards Alogoporos. We don`t take that, but walk to the opposite end instead and find a narrow path marked with red paint, that goes roughly parallel to the coastline, a few meters above the sea.

      Further on, we come to join an earth road that goes around the cape Trachili. The Trikeri Island is close to us to the north and we can also see Volos at the distance. Α cottage is built here into an olive grove.

At Trachili

The earth road passes next to the cottage and we take it, walking constantly uphill on a southerly direction. After 5 km on that road, we  come to join the main asphalt near the kiosk, 2,5 km away from the village of Trikeri.


The kiosk

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