Friday, June 8, 2012


Distance: 6,1 km
Duration: 2 hours (walking time 1.45')
Altitude: from 233 m. (start) to 285 m. (max) to 0 m. (Platanias)
Marked with: large signs, small round signs, red marks
Drinking water on walk: yes

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         An easy and beautiful walk on a stone path beside a stream with running water, descending to the beach of Platanias in the Aegean sea. Platanias, like the nearby beach Mikro (a 10-minutes walk through coastal path), is a tourist destination and has restaurants and lodgings. We can return by bus ( From Platanias one can continue walking to Mikro and Hondri Ammos beach, and also to Lafkos
      Βeginning at the entrance of Promiri, walking on the asphalt to Lafkos, a few meters after the gas station watching on the left, we find the stone path that descends gently to the slope. As we come near the bed of the stream, set down below is Kanalakia fountain. Walking through the wooded ravine, we pass to the left side and continue slightly uphill to the south, in a heavenly setting.
       Eventually, we meet the asphalt road that goes to Platanias, and follow it for about 50 meters downhill. Then turn right on the earth road that goes to the monastery of St. Spyridon. After 200 m. still on this road, we meet the path on the left, and it soon meets the road again. We pass under the chapel of St Sophia, then find the stone path again on the left side.
     Now another beautiful stretch begins, going down right next to the stream. There is another fountain on our left, at an area called Randi. We pass three signed intersections with paths to St Spyridon, Vodin and Mousges and continue on the main kalderimi, that goes out for a while on an earth road and again continues to the left. We already view the Aegean sea, having on our left a wooded hillside with some cottages.
    The stone path ends at a concrete tank below, to the point where two streams come together. We continue on an uphill road, having on the right the fence of a cottage. At the upper corner of the fence we find the kalderimi, that descends for a few meters and then finally stops and becomes a footpath next to a low stone wall (pezoula). Then we pass on the right side of the stream and continue among olive trees.
     Here the trail is not so obvious, but we generally follow the course of the stream to the sea in a southerly direction, assisted by signs and red marks. Further on, we pass to the left side of the stream and walk on earth road.
     Eventually, we reach a point  just next to the stream, where the earth road turns left uphill to meet the asphalt, next to a road sign ''Have a Nice Trip-Welcome to Platanias''(we don`t take that route). In front of us is a private property. At this point we enter into the riverbed on the right, which is normally dry and fairly easy (and pleasant) to walk on, and follow it for about 700 m. until it opens to the beach of Platanias.