Friday, June 26, 2020

Kissos-Timpanos springs

Distance: 2,9 km
Time: 45 min.
Altitude: from 500 m. (Kissos square) to 536 m. (Timpanos)
Total elevation gain: 167 m. Total elevation loss: 108 m.
Signing: red paint on the path
Start: Kissos square
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     Α visit to the springs of Timpanos near Kissos is an absolute must, an unforgettable experience. Double waterfalls, water pond for an icy swim, huge rocks at the overgrown ravine, water coming from above, from the sides, from everywhere -a wild paradise, just 45 minutes from the square of Kissos.
In the ice cold water of the pond
Double waterfalls
         Starting from the drinking water fountain at Kissos square, we walk to the south on a paved road that later becomes earth road. Just as we reach the streambed (where there is a large pond worthy of a visit), at the sharp left turn of the road we find an uphill path marked with red paint and follow it. A little higher up we meet an irrigation ditch and follow it.
          Near Timpanos, there are two short sections where we have to walk along the waterway with a drop beneath. With encouragement, everybody can do it, unless they suffer from severe acrophobia. Then we have to crawl for a few meters through a tunnel dug in the rock, along the waterway.
The tunnel dug in the rock
         After the tunnel there is a safety rope on the side. It is possble to get your feet wet, so it pays either to take your shoes off, or carry a second pair.
        In spring, excessive water flow due to melting snow can render the passage quite difficult, so best time for visit is in midsummer. In August water flow is markedly diminished.