Thursday, January 3, 2013

Agios Georgios-Kato Gatzea

Distance: 5,7 km
Duration: 2 hours (with stops)
Altitude: from 620 m. (Agios Georgios) to 0 m. (Kato Gatzea)
Signed with: red marks, signs
Drinking water on walk: yes (Ano Gatzea)

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        Τhis is a scenic walk on the kalderimi (cobblestone path) from the village of Agios Georgios to the seaside settlement of Kato Gatzea, passing through the train station of Ano Gatzea (ano=upper, kato=lower). One can walk this trail separately, or in combination with other trails, for example coming to Agios Georgios from Ano Lechonia or Chania or Agios Lavrentios (see respective routes), and then walk down to Kato Gatzea, where one can have a swim and eat at the tavernas on the seaside. Another option is to walk on the railway track from Ano Gatzea to Milies (that will take about two hours).

         Starting off from Agios Georgios village square, we walk initially on the asphalt towards Pinakates. Reaching Vogiatzopoulos mansion on the left side of the asphalt, we turn right on a narrow downhill concrete road. Further down we cross the asphalt road that comes from Ano Gatzea. At this point we enter the kalderimi, which is maintained under the care of the local cultural association, but may nonetheless be overgrown with vegetation at places.

         We walk downhill, enjoying great views to Pagasitikos Gulf. On the way down, we cross the apshalt four times, to find the kalderimi again on the other side after a few meters, watching out for the red signs.
        Further down, we cross an earth road and then join another, following it downhill on a southerly direction. We notice a section of kalderimi into the road. After a junction with an earth road on our left, the road we are walking is covered by concrete. We pass another junction with an uphill road on the right and then, looking for it on the left (attention), we take the kalderimi. Further down it crosses a stream with running water in a picturesque setting.

          After crossing the stream, the kalderimi splits. The right one passes under the stone  bridge and continues to Ano Gatzea. We prefer to take the left one, going uphill to join the Pelion railroad track and after a hundred meters we come to the Ano Gatzea train station.
         Here one can have a refreshing stop at the station`s taverna, and then continue downhill on kalderimi, which comes over the rails by a stone bridge. We go past the Olive Museum, and further down join the apshalt road just below the main church.
A cottage in Ano Gatzea

        A few meters on, we find the kalderimi again on the left, passing next to “Aggeliko” taverna. Walking downhill on a southely direction, having the stream on our right, we pass a junction heading to a football field on the left. 
       Eventually, the narrow concrete road we walk on, opens to the main asphalt to Volos, next to a small sign indicating to “Agios Georgios”. A few meters to the right is the bakery shop and across the corner, a road continues downhill,  reaching in 200 meters the scenic beach of Kato Gatzea.
Kato Gatzea