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Distance: 8,2 km
Time: 3 hours with stops
Altitude: from 200 m. (Promiri) to 0 m. (Katigiorgis)
Total elevation gain: 115 m. Total elevation loss: 336 m.
Signed with red paint and round yellow signs
Drinking water on walk: no
Start: Gas station at the entrance of Promiri
End: Katigiorgis beach
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              This walk connects Promiri to the beach of Katigiorgis, which also serves as a port for a sea connection to the island of Skiathos, which is no more than 20 minutes away (boat trip to Koukounaries). Other walks in the area include Promiri to PlataniasLafkos to Promiri and Katigiorgis to Vromoneri beach. During the summer season, several restaurants and cafes operate at the beach. A practical way to return back to Promiri, is to take the bus passing from Katigiorgis at 15.15' daily.
           Starting from the gas station at the entrance of Promiri, we walk on the main road of the village, which is paved with flat stones. We pass by the square and then just above the main church of Koimisis Theotokou (Dormition of Our Lady), built in 1760. The church celebrates on August 15th.
Koimisis Theotokou (Dormition of Theotokos) church at Promiri
           After the church,  the road becomes paved with cement, then asphalt and continues uphill to the left, while we continue downhill on a narrow earth road. A path on the right leads in 30 m. to  the old drinking water fountain Sardeli. When we passed at the end of June, only a few drops of water were coming out of the fountainhead.
Sardeli fountain
         We walk on a downhill earth road, which incorporates sections of kalderimi. On our right is a large ravine (Gerogianni stream) We ignore junctions with uphill roads leading to orchards.
The old path has become an earth road
          Eventually, we come down near the streambed. As the earth road turns right to cross the streambed, we leave it and walk straight ahead on a path. Shortly, the path crosses the streambed and passes on the right bank.
           After a little while, we cross again to the left bank and walk on the edge of an olive grove. At the other end of the grove there is an earth road that crosses the streambed. We find the continuity of the path on the right bank. In the first few meters we walk through bramble, but after that the path is clear and shady. We come to cross the streambed one more time, passing again to the left bank. Eventually the path opens to the asphalt road next to a cottage`s fence on our left. On the other side of the road lies a metallic bridge. Here we are at the entrance of the settlement of Liri.
Crossing the streambed
           We walk on the asphalt through the settlement. After exiting Liri, at the point where a metal cabin at a bus stop is on the left side of the road, we turn right on an earth road. After about thirty meters, watching down on our left, we find an earth path which shortly becomes a kalderimi, then earth path again. Further on, we join an uphill earth road. Reaching the ridge, we continue straight ahead into an olive grove. A cottage is on our left below.
Going through olive grove
          Watching for the signs, we find the continuity of the path, descending gently in a straight line to the south. After crossing a small stream, we continue in the same direction uphill through an olive grove. Further on, the path goes through a batch of pine trees. Reaching the ridge, we walk downhill in the same direction through another olive grove. A kiosk is on our left. We cross another tiny stream  and continue on earth road, following the signs.
          Finally, we come to cross an asphalt road and walk now on a cement paved track, which opens to the main road of Katigiorgis. Our walk ends after fifty meters at the beach, next to the chapel of Agios Georgios (St. George).
Katigiorgis beach
PS. Many thanks to George Laskos from Liri, who helped us find and clean the path.

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