Friday, January 6, 2017


Vromoneri. At the distance, Skiathos
Distance: 1,5 km
Time: 30'
Altitude: from 0 m. up to 53 m.
Total elevation gain/loss: 70 m.
Signed with round yellow signs
Start: Katigiorgis beach  End: Vromoneri beach
Driniking water on walk: no
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          This is an easy and pleasant half-an-hour walk (one hour with return) in pine forest between two sandy tourist beaches on South Pelion`s east coast. The small harbour of Katigiorgis is located just opposite the renowned tourist beach of Koukounaries of Skiathos island, which is at close distance. Indeed, there is a boat connection to Skiathos operating during the summer. Katigiorgis is also connected to Volos with a regular bus line. At both beaches restaurants and tourist accomodation operate in the summer period. 
          Starting from the beach at Katigiorgis, we walk to the right and start climbing on a cement paved way through the houses. A little higher up, it narrows and becomes paved with local Pelion stones. We pass next to ''Avra'' studios and then walk on an earth road. Reaching a road junction, we turn left, noticing the round yellow sign on the electricity pole. Further on, the road continues as an earth path in pine forest. 
        On our way, we come near another tiny sandy beach called Vlachorema. The path joins an earth road for a few meters and then branches off at an angle to the left (marked with a signpost). We pass next to a natural terrace and soon the path opens to the beach of Vromoneri (name meaning ''bad water'', given because of the brackish water of wells around the area).  

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