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Distance: 6,2 km
Duration: 2.20' (walking time 1.50')
Altitude: from 291 m. (Siki) to 47 m. (Bourboulithra) to 240 m. (Xinovrisi)
Total ascent: 241 m.  Total descent: 300 m.
Signed with round yellow signs and red paint dots
Drinking water on route: no
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         This route remained blocked for many years, until it was cleared by volunteers during the winters of 2014-17.  This walk can be combined with the walks Neochori-Siki, Argalasti-Xinovrisi and Xinovrisi-Potistika. At the square of Xinovrisi the restaurant is open all year round, whereas at Siki square only during the summer season.
      Starting from the square at Siki, we walk downhill on the concrete paved road (previously a kalderimi) going southeast. At the first junction we go right on a southerly direction. We exit the village, passing above the cemetery which is down on our left (we can see the cypress trees) and then join a wider asphalt road at an angle. This goes to Potoki beach. Shortly, as the asphalt takes a left bend, we continue straight ahead southeast on an earth road, which incorporates long stretches of kalderimi. 
Long stretches of kalderimi into the earth road
          After about one kilometre, a steep downhill section of the road is paved with cement. Just after the end of the paved section (attention!!), we leave the road to the right and find the path going downhill between two olive groves. It opens to an earth road below, on which we continue left downhill. After fifty meters, at the junction we take the downhill road to the right. This comes to end in an olive grove, and we continue on the path, which initially runs on the left (higher) side of the grove. Following the path, we come eventually  down to the bed of Megalo Rema (Grand Stream). This spot is called Bourboulithra (Βubble). At this peaceful place, where water runs gently under the dense shadow of the plane trees, we can have a refreshing short stop.
Crossing the Megalo Rema stream at Bourboulithra
        Crossing to the other bank of the stream, the path keeps climbing on the slope, until it opens to a road junction on the ridge and we continue straight ahead on the road, now going downhill.
        After fifty metres there is another junction, where we go right on a westerly direction (if we go left, we will come down to Potistika beach). Walking some distance on the earth road, parallel to a stream, we pass from a drinking water fountain with some water running only in winter. After that, we notice a small concrete bridge on our left. We may continue on the road and cross the stream to the left a little further on, or  pass over the bridge and then walk parallel to the stream to come out on the road again, and go uphill. Then we easily find the kalderimi again on the right, clinbing up the slope.
Entering Xinovrisi
        On the ridge we meet the asphalt road coming from Potistika beach. We walk on this uphill entering Xinovrisi and turn left to reach the peaceful village square with the two big plane trees offering plenty of cool shadow in summer. From Xinovrisi we can continue on footpath to Argalasti or to the beach of Potistika.
Xinovrisi square

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