Thursday, March 3, 2016


Potistika beach

Distance: 4,2 km
Time: 1,5 hour (walking time 1.15')
Altitude: from 231 m. (Xinovrisi) to 0 m. (Potistika beach)
Total elevation gain: 63 m.  Total elevation loss: 283 m.
Signed with small round signs and red paint dots
Start: Xinovrisi square  End:  Potistika beach
Drinking water on walk: no
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          This route was opened and signed in 2016 by volunteers from the Friends of the Kalderimi Association and Volos Alpine club. Most of the walk takes place on cobbled stone path (kalderimi), with the final section on earth or paved road. Other walking routes in the area include Xinovrisi to Siki and Argalasti.

         Starting from the big plane tree at the square of Xinovrisi, we walk down the stone paved kalderimi, which soon opens to a concrete paved road at the lower edge of the village, and we take it to the left. After twenty meters we find the kalderimi on the right, hidden by grass and soil, descending just below the last house of the village. A little further down, it joins an earth road for a short distance, but soon emerges again, descending towards a large stream. 
Near the stream bed

              Crossing the (normally dry) stream bed, we continue for some distance at the opposite bank. Then we start to climb on the slope, the kalderimi eventually becomes an earth road and opens to the asphalt, on the outside of a bend. If we look back, we can see Xinovrisi. To the north, Siki and Neochori are visible too. 
Looking back to Xinovrisi

             We walk on the asphalt for fifty meters and then leave it to the right, descending to find the kalderimi again. We go past a small fountain on the right and a cottage on the left, then cross a field overgrown with canes and then come to an earth road junction.

           We continue on the road straight ahead in a northeasterly direction and we do the same at the next junction with an uphill road to the right. After a little while, our road heads uphill and takes a right bend, where we notice a short section of kalderimi. Here we leave the road to the left, following the fence on our left side and descend on a path, which shows some traces of kalderimi here and there. Eventually it joins an earth road, which we follow downhill and turn left at the junction. We keep walking on the road, passing by olive groves and summer cottages. On our way, we can see the beaches of Potistika to the left and Melani to the right.
Μelani beach

         Further on, the road becomes concrete paved and then joins the asphalt. We can avoid the last piece of asphalt down to the beach, if we take the earth track from the chapel we meet on the left.
Potistika beach

        At the beach of Potistika we will find restaurants and rooms to rent in the summer season, as well as in Xinovrisi.

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