Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Drakia-Agios Lavrentios

View to Drakia

Distance: 3,5 km
Time: 1 hour
Altitude: from 480 m. (Drakia lower square) to 560 m. (Agios Lavrentios)
Total ascent: 125 m.  Total descent: 57 m.
Signed with red paint dots and metal signs
Drinking water on walk: no
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           Τhis is a pleasant 1-hour walk, mostly on earth road in chestnut forest. For information, Agios Lavrentios is also connected by walking routes to Agria, Agios Vlasios, Agios Georgios, Hania and Kissos. On the other hand, Drakia`s walking connections include Portaria, Hania and by Anemoutsa to Volos or Agria.

         Starting off from the lower (main) square of Drakia, we take the wide kalderimi that ascends next to the drinking water fountain. As we reach the asphalt, the kalderimi turns right and continues to ascend next to the old community building. Climbing constantly, it eventually opens to a concrete paved road, just under the village`s upper square and Agios Athanasios church, which we can visit climbing the stairs. 
Exiting Drakia

        Now we walk on the road to the right (east) and exit the village. Reaching the chapel of Agia Triada and a football pitch, we turn left on an uphill earth road, which opens to the main asphalt Drakia-Hania. We walk on the asphalt downhill, it takes a sharp bend to the right and 100 meters after that bend, we leave it to the left and walk on earth road, which has replaced the old path.
View to Drakia

        The road crosses a stream and continues through chestnut forest. From certain points, we have excellent wiew to Drakia on the opposite slope. A large and overgrown gully lies inbetween, opening to the sea at the distance.  
         After a while, we reach a V-junction and take the uphill road to the left. We cross an irrigation ditch and notice a stretch of cobblestone into the road. Then we come to another junction and take the middle road going uphill straight ahead. This soon becomes a kalderimi. On our left is Chatzini square, a balcony with excellent view over the gully.
Chatzini square
         We continue thereafter on kalderimi, entering Agios Lavrentios. Keeping on the main kalderimi, ignoring branches left and right, this leads us to the main square of the village. 
Agios Lavrentios main square

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