Monday, January 5, 2015

Αno Lechonia-Agios Georgios

Agios Georgios
Distance: 4,9 km
Duration: 2 hours (walking time 1.35')
Altitude: from 51 m. (start) to 610 m. (Agios Georgios)
Total ascent: 576 m.  Total descent: 17 m.
Signed with red paint marks and some signs
Drinking water on walk: no
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       Τhis walk follows the course of the old kalderimi, most of which still remains in good condition, climbing constantly to Agios Georgios. From there, we can come down to Kato Gatzea or go to Agios Lavrentios, Hania, Tsagarada or Mouresi (see the appropriate walks). At all these destinations, we will find an open restaurant for food and drink all year round.

         From the main road junction at Ano Lechonia, we follow the asphalt uphill, crossing the train rails (we can park our car at the train station parking). After 100 m. there is a V-junction and we take the right branch. We pass by the old square, cross the asphalt and continue straight ahead on a narrow concrete road. At the end of it we join the asphalt again which is on our right. After a short while, we notice a small concrete bridge on the right crossing the stream of Koufala.
The stream of Koufala
           We cross to the right bank of the stream and climb past the old cemetery. Αt the opposite slope, we can see the houses of Paliokastro and higher up Agios Vlasios.
View to Agios Vlasios
          Further up, the kalderimi is covered by concrete. Reaching a junction at a dry water fountain, we don`t go straight ahead but take the sharp uphill turn to the right.  We join the asphalt at the beginning of a sharp left turn and after 100 m. the kalderimi takes off to the right, just after a junction with an earth road. We go past the small chapel of Agios Achilios, join an earth road for a short distance and then continue to the right on kalderimi again (the track on the left goes to Agios Vlasios). This section  is now in better shape after cleaning work by the Friends of the Kalderimi Association. We cross the asphalt, go past another cottage on οur right side and cross the asphalt again. Here we are at the settlement of Strofilos, which lies between Agios Vlasios and Agios Georgios.
The church of Agios Nikoaos in Strofilos settlement
          The church of Agios Nikolaos, which is on our way, is a suitable spot for a stop. According to the inscription, it was restored in 1879. A little further up, where the concrete road turns left, we go straight ahead on the kalderimi, only to join a concrete road again in 50 m. and continue climbing. Further up, where it takes a right turn (attention) we notice the red marks to the left and find the kalderimi again.
View to the sea
          Following the red marks, in a short while we come to an earth track, go left for a few meters and again on the uphill kalderimi to the right. We now climb steadily on a northeasterly direction, almost on a straight line (ignore a path branching off to the left). On our way we pass below a cottage, then join an earth track for a short distance and find again the kalderimi at an angle to the left.
Closing to Agios Georgios
         We walk next to a fence on our left side and eventually join the main asphalt, entering the village of Agios Georgios. We keep on the asphalt, as it has covered the old kalderimi and go past a marble drinking water fountain where water comes out from a lion`s mouth.
The main church of Agios Georgios
           We go past the main church of Agios Georgios (St. George) and finally reach the village square, opposite the museum of sculptor Nikolas.
The square of Agios Georgios on a sunny winter day


  1. Amazing job! Thank you so much for keeping the kalderimia going and for putting this website together. What a superb job!!! The directions were excellent and easy to follow. Loved the walk. Only thing I wanted to mention is being aware of dogs. We love dogs and are normally not scared of them. However, as we were approaching Agios Georgis there was a dog by a kalderimi that seemed very aggressive and kept barking at us, showing its teetch and following us. We felt very intimidated and vulnerable. Not sure if it was stray or belonged to someone but it seemed very territorial. It took us a few minutes of walking before it stopped running behind us.